Tax Assistant Pakistan

Income Tax Calculator and Assistant for Pakistan

Available in FREE & PRO versions

Tax Assistant Pakistan is the first of its kind application for taxpayers based in Pakistan. It is meticulously designed to allow detailed tax working for most income heads - business income is excluded, at the same time incorporating tax deductions, credits, rebates and advance tax. 

For others who simply want to know the tax based only on their salary, the app also offers a simple income tax calculator. So, stop spending thousands of rupees on having your tax filed by someone else and start filing it yourself based on this extremely easy-to-use app!

We have a FREE, ad-supported version of the app which does not save the income or tax data you input. To remove ads and save your data automatically - on your device locally only - purchase and use the PRO version.

Application Features:
★ Taxation updated for the current tax year 2015 (ending 30th June 2015)
★ Simple tax calculator to calculate tax liability based on salary only
★ Tax assistant for comprehensive tax working
★ Income from salary (taxable, partially exempt and fully exempt)
★ Rental income and expenses
★ Capital gains on securities for different holding periods
★ Capital gains on immovable property for different holding periods
★ Income from dividend
★ Income from interest / profit on debt
★ Income from prize bonds, crosswords, and sales promotion gifts
★ Income from bonus shares
★ Deductible allowances: zakat and charitable donations
★ Tax credit on investment in mutual funds, new shares, insurance premium and pension funds
★ Tax reduction for teachers, researchers and senior citizens
★ Tax already paid: employer deduction or rental income
★ Advance tax deducted: mobile phone bills, cash withdrawal, motor vehicles, educational fees etc
★ Easy to understand income tax summary is generated

Application Features PRO version:
★ No Ads 
★ All tax data entered in 'Assistant' is automatically saved even if you close the app

We do not collect any personal data and input data retained in the PRO version is saved locally on your device. Internet permission in the app is for ads (in the free version) and to collect crash and usage data only.

Please note while we have, to the best of our intent and knowledge, worked comprehensively on providing the most accurate taxation application, the ultimate responsibility lies with the individual and we bear no responsibility for any claims or damages arising directly or indirectly from the use of this application.

In case you have any query, or need any support, please email us at [email protected] or visit our website at

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